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This is literally two books in one. Not only is this a story of the 66th  Infantry in France and what happened to the men after their transfers, but also so that you can get an understanding as to what it is like trying to research a family member's military history.

"Panthers Under the Rainbow" gives a detailed description of how the 66th Division was formed. From it's activation on April 15, 1943, training at Camp Blanding, Camp Robinson and Camp Rucker. Dates when troops from the 66th where transferred and when new recruits arrived. Finally when the 66th was alerted to be sent overseas the book covers Camp Shanks, NY. crossing the  Atlantic with many depth charges being dropped to more training in England. The disaster of crossing the English Channel, combat in France with first hand accounts from veterans. The surreneder of the Lorient and St. Nazaire is covered, the occupation of Germany  as well as the cigarette camps in Marsailles, France. The deactivation of the Panther Division.  After WWII offically ended many Pantherman did not have enough points to go home so they were transferred to occupation duty with the Famous 42nd Rainbow Division. This topic is also covered.

The 8.5x11 book was heavily researched and is printed in full color with 116 pages, both from the 66th as well as occupation duty with the 42nd. Many photos are of orginal documents, soldiers and places which I collected during my research. A breakdown of a WWII division, how many men in a division, regiment, battalion, platoon etc. A detailed description of the Army's "ASR Point System" and timetalbles to  troop movements of the 66th division. Interviews with 66th Veterans. A WWII casualty listing for the 263rd Regiment appears in the back of the book.

Panthers Under the Rainbow
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